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Leadplant Flower Seeds (Amorpha Canescens) 50+Seeds

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  • Leadplant (Amorpha Canescens) - Grow this shrub for the butterfly garden from Leadplant seeds! This shrub-like perennial will reach 24 - 40 inches in height and is usually semi-erect. In partially shaded situations, it will sprawl along the ground in the direction of greater sunlight. The young stems are light green and covered with white hairs. The leaves are whitish to gray-green and the bloom spikes are full of purple flowers. Leadplant uses include erosion control, prairie restoration, wildlife and livestock.
    Amorpha Lead Plant prefers to grow in full sun and with soil that is primarily dry. Leadplant is not particular about soil type, and will flourish in loamy, sandy, gravelly, or clay soil. Leadplant Amorpha Canescens is one of the few flowers that will actually add nitrogen to the soil. It is also high in protein and eaten by livestock, rabbits and deer. Leadplant has very deep roots, and is appropriate for xeriscaping. It is easy to grow from flower seeds, but it is slow to develop and may take a couple of years to flower if grown from seeds.

    Season: Perennial
    USDA Zones: 2 - 9
    Height: 24 - 40 inches
    Bloom Season: Summer
    Bloom Color: Purple
    Environment: Full sun

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