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Littleleaf Cotoneaster Bush Seeds (Cotoneaster microphyllus) 25+Seeds

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Cotoneaster microphyllus, commonly called littleleaf cotoneaster, is a low-growing evergreen to semi-evergreen shrub that typically grows to 2-3’ tall but spreads to as much as 6-8’ wide. It is native to rocks, slopes, thickets and high alpine areas in the Himalayas. Stiff, horizontal, spreading branches are clad with shiny dark green leaves (to 1/2” long) which are woolly gray beneath. Small leaf size is the source of the common name. Small, mostly solitary, 5-petaled, white flowers (to 1/3” diameter) bloom in clusters from late April into June. Flowers are followed by round red fruits (1/4” diameter) which persist through winter.

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