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Lychnis Snowstar Flower Seeds (Lychnis Viscaria) 200+Seeds

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Lychnis (Lychnis Viscaria Splendens Snowstar) - Grow this old-fashioned and sturdy cottage garden perennial from Lychnis seeds. White Lychnis Catchfly plants form a low tuft of grassy-looking leaves, bearing upright stems of fluffy double white flowers in early summer. Lychnis Catchfly flowers are excellent for cutting. Deadhead faded blooms to encourage prolonged flowering. White Lychnis Viscaria is attractive to butterflies. The foliage usually remains evergreen in mild winter regions. It is fairly drought tolerant once established. Clumps may be easily divided in early spring.

Sow Lychnis seeds indoors 6 - 8 weeks before the last frost is expected. Use well-draining starter soil. Sow the white Lychnis Catchfly seeds on the surface, lightly covered. Keep the flower seed continuously moist until germination. Some gardeners will cover with plastic wrap to keep humidity high. Transplant Lychnis seedlings outdoors after danger of frost and when seedlings are 2 inches tall.

  • Season: Perennial
  • USDA Zones: 3 - 10
  • Height: 18 - 20 inches
  • Bloom Season: Summer
  • Bloom Color: White
  • Environment: Full sun to partial shade

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