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Mexican Organ Pipe Cactus Seeds (Stenocereus Griseus) 20+Seeds

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Stenocereus griseus is a treelike cactus (3-)6-9(-10) meters high, sometimes branching at the base, sometimes with a definite trunk. This species shows latitudinal variation in growth form, from a multi-stemmed shrub sending up from the base 5 to 20 branches 3 to 6 meters high in dry northern habitats to a ten metre columnar arborescent cactus in Caribbean deciduous forest. The flowers, which appear in spring, are followed by the large delicious fruit much prized by the native.
Stem: Trunk up to 35 cm in diameter, smooth when old; branches erect, 9-12 cm in diameter green and more or less glaucous.
Ribs: 6 to 10, bulging below each areole.
Spines: Acicular, grey.
Central spines: 1-3, to 15 mm long but the longer ones 4 cm long.
Radial spines: 6-11,6-10 mm long.
Flowers: Flower-bud obtuse or rounded at apex, covered with overlapping scales, these obtuse and brown; flowers broad funnelform, with reflexed perianth parts, pinkish, 7-10 cm long; inner perianth-segments white; style exserted before the flower opens.
Blooming season: Stenocereus griseus blooms in spring the flowers open at night but lasting until midday. The time from of flowering to fruit maturation is relatively short. Fertilized flowers give rise to mature fruits 40 to 50 days after pollination and fruit development start earlier, and fruit ripening occurs at the end of the spring, but flower development is asynchronous. Namely, flowers in early stages of differentiation, flowers at anthesis, and young developing fruits can occur simultaneously. The asynchronous patterns of flower and fruit production may be especially advantageous during adverse environmental conditions. Also Stenocereus griseus may have a second blooming later in season.
Fruit: The fruits are almost spherical to oblong, and are catalogued as “dehiscent fleshy fruits”, they are about 5 cm in diameter, spiny, perianth parts not persistent, edible, the pulp blood-red or greenish-white. S. griseus produces red or white fruits nearly on 1:1 ratio.

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