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Milk Barrel Spurge Succulent Seeds (Euphorbia cereiformis) 20+Seeds

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Euphorbia cereiformis, native to Africa, forms club-shaped stems to 4" in diameter with up to 15 ribs and dense, gnarly persistent peduncles (residual dead flower stalks, etc.) to 1/2" in length. New growth is burgundy in color. Produces many offsets, and grows to several feet in height. All Euphorbias contain a white sap that can be irritating to eyes and mucous membranes. If contact is made with this white sap, take care to not touch face or eyes before washing hands with soap and water. Responds well to warmth, with its active growth period in the late spring and summer months. Porous soil with adequate drainage. Requires bright light for best appearance, and should be given a winter resting period at which time less water should be given.

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