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Monterey Cypress Tree Seeds (Cupressus macrocarpa) 25+Seeds

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Cupressus macrocarpa , commonly known as Monterey Cypress or Macrocarpa , is a species of cypress endemic to the central coast of California . In the wild, the species is confined to two small populations, near Monterey and Carmel . These two small populations represent what was once a very large forest on the west coast. The surviving trees from this forest are as old as 2000 years.
A good fast growing hedge for the milder areas of Britain, tolerating maritime exposure. It can be trimmed so long as it is not cut back into old wood. Wood - heavy, hard, strong, close-grained and very durable. Used for general construction.
Dirr calls this tree "genuinely beautiful" but says it's not for the Southeast states in U.S.; matures into a flat-topped tree with horizontal branches; good dark green foliage; good salt tolerance; native to coastal California.

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