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Mountain Hemlock Tree Seeds (Tsuga mertensiana) 25+Seeds

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Mountain Hemlock, as the name suggests, occurs in the mountains up to the timberline and in subalpine parkland. Hemlock trees are sometimes called “Hemlock Spruces” to differentiate them from the herbaceous Poison Hemlock, which is in the Parsley Family. The name “Tsuga” comes from Japanese words meaning “mother” and “tree.” The species is named after German botanist, Franz Karl Mertens.
Distribution: Mountain Hemlock is native along the coast of southeastern Alaska and British Columbia, the mountains of Washington and Oregon to the High Sierras of California. It is also found in the Rockies of northern Idaho and Montana.
Growth: In its native habitat, Mountain Hemlock grows very slowly due to the long winters. Subalpine dwarfs may only reach 10 feet (3m). It grows more quickly in lowland areas, typically up to 100 feet (30m). The tallest trees are over 175 feet (50m). The oldest are known to be over 500 years old but some may be over 1000 years old.

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