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Mountain Phlox Flower Seeds (Linanthus Grandiflorus) 100+Seeds

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Mountain Phlox (Linanthus Grandiflorus) - Establishes easily from Phlox seeds, this beautiful annual lends itself beautifully to a wild flower garden, a naturalized setting, or to your own backyard flower garden. It spills prettily out of a container or the edge of a bed and makes a welcome addition to any setting. Mountain Phlox wildflowers are sweetly scented and provide a profusion of white, sometimes flushed lavender or pink, blooms that practically smother the attractive green ferny foliage. Mountain Phlox Linanthus Grandiflorus is native to the Pacific Northwest region, and especially likes the coast range where it it cool and moist. The Mountain Phlox flower is good for cutting, and it attracts bees, birds and butterflies.

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