Nasturtium Jewel Mix Flower Seeds (Tropaeolum Majus) 50+Seeds

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Nasturtium (Tropaeolum Majus Jewel Mix) - Few flowers light up the garden like Nasturtium does! Grow this lovely annual from Nasturtium seeds and have blooms from June until first frost. Nasturtium Jewel mix blossoms are 2 - 3 inches across and come in shades of red, orange and yellow. The leaves are rounded or shaped like a shield and have a central leaf stalk. The leaves, flowers and seeds are edible, with the leaves having a peppery flavor which makes a great addition to your salads. The seeds were actually used as a pepper substitute during WWII, or you can pickle the seeds when they are still green. Nasturtium Vine does best when it is left alone. It will tolerate most any soil type, but prefers not to be fertilized. Over-fertilization will produce lovely foliage, but no flowers. Keep watered, but allow the soil to dry out between waterings. Climbing Nasturtium is used as a companion plant for the vegetable garden. It is said that the peppery-flavored leaves ward off many insects. Nasturtium likes a full sun place in the garden in cooler climates. For the hottest regions, afternoon shade is preferable to Nasturtium plants. Tropaeolum Majus plants will grow anywhere as an annual, but they will only survive as a perennial in frost-free zones.

  • Season: Annual
  • USDA Zones: 3 - 10
  • Height: 14 - 16 inches
  • Bloom Season: Mid summer through fall
  • Bloom Color: Mix
  • Environment: Full sun

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