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Nasturtium Ladybird Flower Seeds (Tropaeolum nanum) 20+Seeds

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Nasturtium (Tropaeolum nanum Tom Thumb Ladybird) - Creamy yellow petals marked with red spots makes this a standout in the garden. Compact and free-flowering, it is ideal for containers and garden edging. These mounding Ladybird Nasturtiums only grow 12 - 16 inches tall making them the perfect complement in window boxes, pots or tumbling over a wall. Blooms summer to fall, but avoid overly rich soils and nitrogen fertilizer for the best show of flowers.

Nasturtiums like a full sun place in the garden in cooler climates. For the hottest regions, afternoon shade is preferable to the plants. Tropaeolum plants will grow anywhere as an annual, but they will only survive as a perennial in frost-free zones. Care is simple: no fertilizing is required and follow a regular watering schedule giving the plant a chance to dry out in-between irrigations. Before sowing seeds, soak the seeds overnight in warm water. The next day, plant the flower seeds 1/2 inch deep in soil that is weed-free and worked fine and light.

  • Season: Annual

    USDA Zones: 3 - 10

    Height: 12 - 16 inches

    Bloom Season: Mid summer through fall

    Bloom Color: Yellow

    Environment: Full sun

    Soil Type: Well-drained, pH 6.1 - 7.8

    Deer Resistant: Yes

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