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Octopus Agave Succulent Seeds (Agave vilmoriniana) 20+Seeds

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Agave vilmoriniana, sometimes misspelled vilmoriana, and popularly known as Octopus agave, is a medium to large accent plant with graceful narrow, arching and twisting leaves that sprawl quickly and grotesquely, making the plants resemble huge spiders. It is solitary (Does not forms pups).
Rosettes: 90-120 cm tall, spread 150-200 cm.
Leaves: Up to 90 cm long and 7-10 cm wide, succulent, light-blue-green to yellowish-green, linear-lanceolate, deeply channelled, recurved, arched and twist, showing why this plant is called octopus agave. The leaf margins are almost smooth, untoothed with only small, soft saw-tooth roughness to margins and a relatively soft terminal spine.
Inflorescence: Starting like an asparagus, 3-6 m tall.
Flowers: Golden-yellow.

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