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Octopus Cactus Seeds (Stenocereus alamosensis ) 20+Seeds

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Stenocereus alamosensis (Octopus cactus). Syn. Rathbunia alamosensis. USDA: 9b-10. Full sun. Little water. Hardy to 28°F. Thicket of bending stems, up to 10 ft tall. Tubular pinkish red flowers, attracts hummingbirds. Origin: Mexico (Chihuahua and Sonora)
Stenocereus alamosensis is a species of cactus native to Mexico. It is viviparous (that is, the seeds germinate before leaving the parent plant), apparently an adaptation to living in coastal plains which are prone to flooding. The Seri people of Sonora call this cactus xasaacoj

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