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Oriental Wax Tree Seeds (Toxicodendron succedaneum) 20+Seeds

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Oriental Wax Tree Toxicodendron are small trees, shrubs or vines with compound leaves, the exception being T. borneense which has simple leaves. The flowers are generally asexual with 5 sepals (or calyx lobes), five petals, and five stamens. The ovary has 1 locule, with a short style and three stigmas. All produce the skin-irritating oil urushiol, which can cause a severe allergic reaction; hence the scientific name which means ‘poison tree’.
The main species of Toxicodendron to cause dermatological problems are T. radicans (poison ivy) and T. diversilobum (poison oak) which, with their various subspecies, are found predominantly in Northern America. In the Southern Pacific, the three main allergenic toxicodendron are T. striatum, T. succedaneum, and T. vernicifluum.
Toxicodendron succedaneum is a large shrub or tree, up to 8 m tall, somewhat similar to a sumac tree. The leaves turn orange, red or scarlet in autumn. Small, yellow flowers are followed by pendulous clusters of tawny fruit.

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