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Pebbled Tiger Jaws Succulent Seeds (Faucaria tuberculosa) 20+Seeds

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Faucaria tuberculosa is a low growing clump-forming, perennial succulent, it is one of the easiest species to identify, since it is the only one with white tubercles on the top of the leaves.
Leaves: In opposite pairs, all pairs growing at right angles to the next adjacent, usually with 2 to 4 pairs to a branch, they are up to 2,5 cm long, by 2 cm wide, dark green thick ovate-triangular in the top view, scattered in white rough tubercles over the upper surface and edged with soft white structures that look like teeth.
Flowers: Large, daisy-like, yellow (sometime red tipped), 4 cm in diameter and may have up to 200 petals. They need full sun to open fully and often don't open at all if the weather is cloudy, or if they are in the shade.
Blooming time: Flowers will usually come out in the autumn (October or November) and bloom for several months (also in winter and spring if the growing conditions are adequate). The flowers open around midday and close in the late afternoon.

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