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Pepper Habanero Caribbean Red Vegetable Seeds (Capsicum chinense) 50+Seeds

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HABANERO CARIBBEAN RED Originating from the Yucutan Peninsula in Mexico, this pepper variety is FEROCIOUSLY HOT and is thought to be the second hottest chile pepper variety on the planet measuring a scorching 445,000 scoville units. This makes it twice as hot as a standard Habanero Chile and over 80 times hotter than an Jalapeno Pepper! The slightly wrinkled chiles are approximately 1 inch wide by 1.5 inches long and are similiar in shape to the Habanero. The chiles ripen from lime green to a brilliant red in 110 days and are produced on very productive plants that reach 30 inches tall. As well as the blistering heat, they have a lovely fruity flavour which makes them an excellent choice for use in salsa's, marinades and of course, in hot sauce. Note: An immature pod is shown here.

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