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Pink Dassievygie Ice Plant (Oscularia caulescens) 30+Seeds

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Oscularia caulescens (Dassievygie) - A succulent groundcover subshrub with blue gray foliage that reaches to almost to 1 foot high and spreads to 2 to 3 feet wide. It has wiry dark pink stems and blue-green 3-angled fleshy leaves. In spring into mid-summer appear the 1 1/4 inch wide bright pink pinwheel-shaped flowers that open fully as afternoon approaches. They are pleasantly scented with the stamens white at the base and pink near the tips, arranged upright in a cone-like formation in the flower center. Plant in full sun to light shade in a fairly well-drained soil and irrigate little to regularly; plants well watered in full sun are more plump and make a denser planting while those less watered can take on reddish hues in the summer and in too much shade are a bit sparse and bloom less.

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