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Port Orford Cedar Tree Seeds (Chamaecyparis lawsoniana) 30+Seeds

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Port Orford Cedar plants can be grown as a tall hedge. They are very tolerant of clipping so long as this does not extend into the brown barked wood since trees cannot regenerate from this. Any trimming should be done in the summer. Certain dwarf forms can be used for ground cover, the cultivars 'Knowefieldensis', 'Nidiformis' and 'Tamariscifolia' have been recommended. The branches have been used to make brooms. Wood - very close-grained, hard, strong, durable, easily worked, light, abounding in fragrant resin, acid resistant. One of the world's finest timbers, it is widely used for flooring, fencing, making boats etc. It is now in short supply due to over-harvesting without replanting.

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