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Portulaca Moss Rose White Ground Cover Seeds (Portulaca Grandiflora) 200+Seeds

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Portulaca Moss Rose (Portulaca Grandiflora White) - These sun-loving plants are easy to start from Moss Rose seeds. Gardeners are rewarded by the Moss Rose flowers and the easy-to-grow, low maintenance ground cover plants that are so versatile and hardy. These little white blooms are incredibly sweet, and they will self-sow their own Moss Rose seeds for next year's display. White Portulaca flower seeds are greatly rewarding to grow!

Season: Annual
USDA Zones: 4 - 11
Height: 6 inches
Width: 14 - 16 inches
Bloom Season: Early summer to late summer
Bloom Color: White
Growth Rate: Aggressive
Environment: Full sun


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