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Quince Tree Seeds (Cydonia oblonga) 15+Seeds

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Cydonia oblonga, commonly known as common quince, is a deciduous, multi-stemmed small tree or large shrub that features crooked branches clad with broad-ovate to broad-elliptic pale green leaves (to 4" long) that are gray-hairy below. Common quince is primarily grown today for fruit production or as a dwarfing pear rootstock. It is native to rocky slopes and woodland margins in the Trans-Caucasus region which includes Iran, Armenia, Azerbaijan, southwestern Russia and Turkmenistan. Plants have escaped garden plantings in the U. S. (particularly in the northeast), but plants are generally not considered to be invasive. Commercial production in the U. S. is very limited (mostly in California and New York). Common quince typically grows to 10-15' (less frequently to 20') tall. Solitary, five-petaled, pale pink to white flowers (2 1/2" diameter) bloom from leaf axils in late spring (May) on current season's growth. Immature fruits (round to pear shaped quinces to 3" diameter) are green with gray-white shading but mature in fall to bright yellow. Fruit on cultivated varieties is usually larger. In climates with warm winters, quinces will fully ripen on the tree/shrub and can be enjoyed fresh-picked. However, in many areas where grown in the U. S., quince fruits are still very astringent in October when they first begin to ripen, hence they are usually cooked rather than consumed fresh. Quinces may be used in jellies, preserves and pies.

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