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Red Pygmy Japanese Maple Tree Seeds (ACER palmatum) 15+Seeds

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Red Pygmy could be a bit misleading name for this unique Japanese maple. Yes, it is a dwarf variety and it does make rich burgundy red leaves but only in spring. When the days get hotter from May or June onwards in most cases the foliage changes to soft green or almost olive green until autumn, when the leaves turn golden yellow and orange. Nevertheless, they are as beautiful as on all maples from linearilobum group. They are finely cut into long and extremely narrow rays. One might mistake them for bamboo leaves.
It grows slowly to about 2m tall and wide, but grafted on a stem can get taller by the height of the stem. Red Pygmy maple is naturally dense and bushy, vase-shaped shrub that needs no or very little pruning. It looks great planted as a small specimen near a Japanese-style pond or any water stream. If you prefer mixed borders make sure that its surrounding plants have different shapes, leaf types, and colours so that each plant has its attention. It is an easy plant that requires no maintenance once established.

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