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Rhododendron Fortunei Bush Seeds (Rhododendron Fortunei) 50+Seeds

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 Rhododendron Fortunei, Fortune's Rhododendron Fragrant Flowers, Fall Color, Cold Tolerant, Bonsai A large shrub or small tree. It was first introduced in 1855, and was the first hardy Chinese species that thrived. It has delicate and fragrant white, pink, to lavender flowers juxtaposed against matte, dark green leaves. A relatively heat tolerant Rhododendron which is better suited to the deep South than most of the larger leaf evergreen Rhododendrons so popular and readily available in cooler regions.  Plant in semi-shady site, preferably a north facing slope, with well-drained acid soil, pine straw mulch, and supplemental water during dry periods. Europe has just nine native species of rhododendron; China has more than 600. When China's floral bounty became available to Western horticulturists in the mid-19th century following the end of hostilities between Britain and China, rhododendrons became highly sought after because many could survive harsh winters. The Scottish plant collector Robert Fortune discovered this species in 1856, growing at 3,000 feet in the mountains of eastern China. It was the first Chinese rhododendron introduced to Britain and has spawned hundreds of cultivated varieties.

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