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River Oak Tree Seeds (Casuarina cunninghamiana) 50+Seeds

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Casuarina cunninghamiana - River Oak , River She-oak , Creek Oak or Fire Oak is a species of Casuarina , native to New South Wales and Queensland , Australia . The River Oak is an attractive evergreen tree with fine greyish green needle-like foliage that grows to a height of 60 metres (200 ft) with a spread of about 10 metres. The trunk is usually erect, with dense rough bark. Flowers are reddish-brown in the male and red in the female. Cones are small, rectangular and about 1 centimetre across.Gold, green and grey dyes are obtained from the leaves. The bark can be used as tanbark. The plant forms suckers and is a good soil stabilizer. It is much planted in Egypt for protecting roads from the sand. It is often planted along the sides of streams to protect them from erosion. In suitable climates, the plant is much used in windbreaks, shelterbelts and for land reclamation. Wood - dark, durable, closely grained, nicely marked, not as heavy as that of other members of this genus. Used for flooring, axe handles, firewood, poles etc.

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