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Rock Soapwort Rose-pink Flower Seeds (Saponaria Ocymoides) 200+Seeds

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Rock Soapwort (Saponaria Ocymoides Rose-pink)- Also known as Rock Soapwort, this perennial forms a dense carpet of rose-pink blooms. Saponaria ground cover will provide a superior flowering, low-growing, low-maintenance plant, and it is easily grown by sowing Saponaria seeds. Saponaria Ocymoides Soapwort is an ideal selection for hanging over walls or crevices, beds, borders, and gardens. It also works nicely in containers and in hanging baskets. Saponaria Soapwort is a fast-growing ground cover that will readily re-seeds itself, and it has semi-evergreen foliage. Trimming the Rock Soapwort back after the blooms are spent keeps the plant tidy and helps to keep the re-seeding to a minimum.

  • Season: Perennial
  • USDA Zones: 3 - 7
  • Height: 6 - 12 inches
  • Bloom Season: Spring through summer
  • Bloom Color: Rose-pink
  • Environment: Full sun

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