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Rose Locust Tree Seeds (Robinia hispida fertilis) 15+ Seeds

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Rose Locust Tree Robinia hispida, is a showy-flowering, deciduous shrub which typically grows variably from 2-10' tall. In the wild, it can aggressively spread by suckering, but in cultivation, nurseries often graft it to the roots of R. pseudoacacia (black locust) which results in a much less aggressive plant. May be trained or topg rafted to form a small tree. Rose to pale purple flowers appear in 2-4" long, pendulous racemes in May. Compound pinnate, medium to dark green foliage (7-15 leaflets). Flowers are infrequently followed by bristly, purple seed pods (to 3" long). Branches, petioles, flower stalks and fruits are hispid (stiffly hairy) as the species name suggests, thus giving rise to another common name of bristly locust. Steyermark lists this southeastern U.S. native as a garden escape in Platte and Howell counties in Missouri.

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