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Saskatoon Serviceberry Bush Seeds (Amelanchier alnifolia Smokey) 40+Seeds

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Saskatoon Serviceberry Smokey is one of the leading commercial varieties in Canada. It produces an abundance of 1/2 inch diameter fruits that are very sweet and juicy. It bears reliaibly every year.
Edible fruit - raw or cooked. The fruit ripens in mid summer (early July in southern Britain), it is soft and juicy with a few small seeds in the centre. A very nice sweet flavour that is enjoyed by almost everyone who tries it, there is a hint of apple in the taste. About the size of a blackcurrant, the fruit is produced in small clusters and the best wild forms can be 15mm in diameter. The fruit can also be dried and used as raisins or made into pemmican. The fruit is rich in iron and copper. The leaves are a tea substitute.

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