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Spotted Joe Pyeweed Flower Seeds (Eupatorium Maculatum) 200+Seeds

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Eupatorium (Eupatorium Maculatum) - Eupatorium seeds produce a wonderfully unique plant! Also known as Joe Pyeweed, this is a very versatile plant: some people consider it to be an herb, others a wild flower, others a butterfly plant, and others an ornamental for the flower bed. This Eupatorium Maculatum plant is so diverse that it is all of these things. This uniquely named flowering plant was named after a Native American herbalist, named Joe-Pye, who cured fevers using the Eupatorium plant.
Joe Pyeweed is still growing strong and full of blooms when many other plants are done performing clear up until a hard frost. Many people plant Joe Pyeweed as a stand alone plant and others prefer it lining the back of a border. Either way, it is easily established from flower seeds and faithfully performs with easy maintenance and long-blooming period. Joe Pyeweed does best when it's placed in a moist location, but it will adapt to a dryer location if the soil is of adequate quality.

Season: Perennial
USDA Zones: 4 - 9
Height: 48 - 72 inches
Bloom Season: Summer and fall
Bloom Color: Dark pink
Environment: Full sun to partial shade

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