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Spreading Cotoneaster Bush Seeds (Cotoneaster divaricatus) 25+Seeds

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Spreading cotoneaster is an upright, rounded, densely branched, deciduous shrub that matures to 5-6’ tall and spreads to 6-8’ wide. It is particularly noted for its attractive form, glossy green leaves, dark red autumn fruit and autumn foliage colors. Branches extend to the ground, with the outer branches arching slightly downward. Small, 5-petaled, white flowers (1/4” wide) with tinges of pink bloom in spring (May-June). Flowers are perhaps valued more for their abundance than size. Flowers are followed by egg-shaped bright red fruits (1/2” long) that mature in fall and persist to the onset of winter. Ovate to elliptic, glossy dark green leaves (to 1” long) turn attractive shades of orange and red in fall.

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