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Strawberry Hedgehog Cactus Seeds (Echinocereus Stramineus) 25+Seeds

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Echinocereus stramineus is a clumping cactus, forming large, compact colonies with 100 or more stems (occasionally up to 500 heads). These larger clumps are rounded, often 60-90 cm across and nearly as high.
Stem: Each head 10-30 cm long, 3-10 cm in diameter.
Ribs: 10 to 13 sinuous with fairly deep furrows between them.
Areoles: 8 to 25 mm apart.
Spines: 1 to 4 central spines, up to 9 cm long; 7-14 radials, up to 3 cm long. They vary from shortly - and frankly spined to long - and dense spined and from brightly white/ yellowish until dark red and black colours of spination.
Flowers: Abundant large bright pink to purple-red flowers in late spring, up to 12.5 cm diameter, 8-12 cm long, They are dark red (or rarely gold & green) at the base, fading to rose at the tips. The inner petals are toothed. The 10–15 outer petals have pink edges
Fruits: Dark red edible and delicious (tastes similar to strawberries just like Echinocereus engelmannii & Echinocereus cinerascens do), 5 cm in diameter.

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