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Strawberry Tree Seeds (Arbutus unedo) 20+Seeds

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Strawberry Tree
A beautiful, large, evergreen shrub or small tree, rarely more than 6 m tall, with reddish brown, peeling bark, simple, dark glossy green leaves and bell-shaped, white flowers in late autumn and winter followed by orange-red, cherry-sized fruits. The fruits can take almost a year to mature and plants are often seen with flowers and ripe fruits at the same time. The fruits are edible and fairly sweet but rather bland and somewhat pasty tasting and thus more often processed into jams or used to make alcoholic beverages. Arbutus unedo is native to the more humid areas around the Mediterranean and along the Atlantic coast from Morocco north to Ireland. It is a widespread and popular ornamental in warm temperate climates worldwide in USDA Zones 7 and above.

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