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Sunflower Velvet Queen Seeds (Helianthus Annuus) 50+Seeds

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Sunflower Velvet Queen (Helianthus Annuus ) - Velvet Queen Helianthus is excellent for attracting birds, butterflies, and lots of attention! Grown from Velvet Queen Sunflower seeds, this impressive annual produces a central stalk and blooms up to 12 inches and then produces several side shoots each with their own blooms. Sunflower Velvet Queen gets between 60 - 72 inches tall and will produce blooms in about 100 days after sowing the Sunflower seeds.

Season: Annual
USDA Zones: 3 - 9
Height: 60 - 72 inches
Bloom Season: Summer to fall
Bloom Color: red
Environment: Full sun

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