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Tidy Tips Flower Seeds (Layia Platyglossa) 100+Seeds

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Tidy Tips (Layia Platyglossa) - Grown from Tidy Tips seeds, these daisy-like little annuals are charming and so cheerful! Layia Platyglossa Tidy Tips are a native of California. Tidy Tips wildflowers have 1 - 1 1/2 inch flowers that are bright golden yellow with a distinct, sharp margin of white on the tips — hence their name. Leaves are small and narrow. Tidy Tips flowers are excellent for cutting and are perfect for rock gardens. They also look great in flower boxes and in the front of a border.

Season: Annual
USDA Zones: 3 -10
Height: 12 inches
Bloom Season: Summer and fall
Bloom Color: Yellow
Environment: Full sun

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