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Tilt Head Aloe Succulent Seeds (Aloe speciosa) 20+Seeds

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Tilt Head Aloe - Spectacular flower heads and large, highly decorative "tilted" silvery-blue-green foliar rosettes edged in pink make this “Tree Aloe” a true superstar in any well drained garden. In early Spring/Summer, densely held red buds on 2' cylindrical spikes open into green and white striped flowers showing deep red stamens, creating a wonderful overall multi-colored effect. The large rosette eventually becomes elevated above a thick "tree" trunk 6-10' tall, bearing 3-4 spikes at a time. Best in well drained soil with an annual side-dress of compost and some Summer water for ultimate show. Hardy to the mid 20's F. Loved by hummingbirds!

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