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White Orchid Tree Seeds (Bauhinia purpurea Alba) 5+Seeds

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White Orchid Tree-This fast-growing orchid-tree will ultimately reach 35 feet in height and width, the slender trunks topped with arching branches clothed in large, two-lobed, deciduous leaves. In fall, before the leaves drop, orchid-tree is festooned with many showy and delightfully fragrant, 5-inch-wide blossoms, the narrow petals arranged to closely resemble an orchid. These flowers appear on the trees from September through November and are a beautiful sight to see, creating a vivid splash of color in the autumn landscape. The flowers are followed by 12-inch-long, slender, brown, flat seedpods which usually persist on the tree throughout the winter, then fall to create a mess to clean up. The spectacular flower display makes orchid-tree a favorite for specimen plantings.

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