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White Paper Birch Tree Seeds (Betula papyrifera) 50+Seeds

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White Paper Birch is often planted as a garden and ornamental tree, grown for its white bark and gracefully drooping branches. It is a medium-sized deciduous tree, typically reaching 15–25m tall with a slender trunk and a crown of arched branches with drooping branch-lets. The bark is white, often with black diamond-shaped marks or larger patches, particularly at the base It is a fast growing tree, increasing by up to 1 metre a year, but is relatively short-lived. They are shallow rooted they may require water during dry periods until they are well established. They grow best in full sun planted in deep, well-drained soil but will also grow well in heavy clay and nutritionally poor shallow soils. Suitable for acid, neutral and alkaline soils and can grow in very acid soils. It cannot grow in the shade but can tolerate strong winds but not maritime exposure. The sap can be drunk straight from the tree or fermented into a beer. The sap is rich in sugars and can be concentrated into a syrup by boiling off the water.

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