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Wildflower Birds & Butterfly Mix Seeds (7g+ Seeds)

$ 5.99



Birds & Butterfly Attractant Wildflower Seeds - If you want to bring the hummingbirds and songbirds in close to home, this is the wild flower seed mix for you. The blend of special wildflowers is designed to attract birds, butterflies, and hummingbirds.

Wild flower seed mixture includes:
15.00% Lupine, Arroy
15.00% Mallow, Tree
15.00% Four-O'Clock
15.00% Nasturtium
8.00% Zinnia 'Pumila Mix'
5.00% Bird's Eyes
4.00% Larkspur, Rocket
4.00% Pinks, Sweet William
3.00% Snapdragon, Spurred
3.00% Poppy, Corn
3.00% Sage, Scarlet
3.00% Catchfly
2.00% Balsam
1.00% Columbine, Dwarf
1.00% Foxglove
1.00% Maltese Cross
1.00% Mint, Lemon
1.00% Penstemon, Rocky Mountain

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