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Wildflower Perennial Mix Seeds (7g+Seeds)

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Perennial Wildflower Seed - Perennial wild flower seed mix is made up of all perennial wildflowers, 17 species that will provide many colors for years of enjoyment. When fall planted, the flowers will blossom the following spring. When spring planted, if the conditions are right, there will be some flowering, but most will not flower until the following spring. The mix will grow 36-40 inches. Wild flower seed mixture includes: 22.0% Wallflower, Siberian 17.0% Coreopsis, Lance-leaved 16.0% Flax, Blue 11.0% Coneflower, Purple 11.0% Lupine, Perennial 5.5% Blanketflower 5.0% Pinks, Sweet William 5.0% Daisy, Shasta 2.0% Columbine, Dwarf 1.0% Evening Primrose, Dwarf 0.50% Aster, New England 0.50% Daisy, English Mix 0.50% Coneflower, Prairie 0.50% Daisy, Gloriosa 0.50% Black-eyed Susan 0.50% Mexican hat 0.10% Hyssop, Lavender

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